ATV's - Garden Tractor Equip.


Fod 16

Price: $855.00

5 Foot Single Gang Flip-Over Disc

Ideal for tilling wildlife food plots and larger gardens. Patented design allows for easy "flip-over" from transport to cultivation mode. Eight (8) 16" notched blades are designed for efficient trash cutting and optimal soil penetration. Disc gangs are set at 20 degree angles for maximum cutting. Frame design incorporates a platform for adding 3 concrete blacks or other weight for better soil penetration. Requires 18 hp or 400cc.

Weight: 240 Lbs.

   Warning   Cancer and Reproductive Harm


Foc 48

Price: $1095.00

Flip-Over Culti-Packer

Perfect for final compaction after seeding your food plot. Reduces air pockets, increases seed germination, and helps prevent erosion. Unique design allows for easy flip-over from transport to operation mode. Welded steel frame holds 22 cas iron notched wheels that are 9-1/2" in diamenter. Operating width is 50". Requires 18 hp or 400cc.

Weight: 274 Lbs.

Warning    Warning   Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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