3-pt Hitch Kits

3pt Hitch Kits

3-pt. Adapter Kits

     Bring your tractor up-to-date at a cost far below a new tractor. Provides power lifting and lowering of equipment, saving time and labor. Make hookups quickly, and simplify changing from one piece of equipment to another. Makes it easy to transport equipment across grass, ditches, and roads to work area. Kits are ruggedly constructed, and easy to install or remove. Gives your tractor better traction and increases its value. Quality screw-type top links are adjustable, and heavy duty ball sockets and turnbuckles provide flexibility. Kits for larger tractors have 2-way lift arm balls for both Cat. I and Cat. II implements. Adapter kit can be installed or removed easily. Instruction manual and parts list included.


Price:  $605.00

     For IHC/FARMALL Standard Cub-Cat. 0/I uses existing hydraulic lift of tractor. Will ship UPS in 3-pkg. Note: Not for use on L-Boy or Cadet Lawnmower.

Weight: 122 Lbs.     Ships UPS (3 PKG.)


Price:  $410.00

     Hitch kit for IHC/Farmall Super A, 100, 130, 140 with std. Pull-type drawbar. Uses existing hydraulic lift of tracto. Will ship UPS in 2-pkg.

Weight: 86 Lbs.     Ships UPS (2 PKG.)


Price:  $355.00

     Hitch kit for IHC/Farmall 100, 130, 140 with IH 1-pt fast hitch. Uses existing hydraulic lift of tracto. Will ship UPS in 2-pkg.

Weight: 65 Lbs.     Ships UPS (1 PKG.)


Price:  $820.00

     Hitch Kit for IHC H, M, MTA, MD, 300, 340, 350, 400, 460, 504, Super H, M, and MTA. Cat. I/II requires purchase of one 3" x 8" Cylinder.

Weight: 237 Lbs. Ship by Truck Only


Price:  $890.00

     Hitch Kit for IHC M, MTA, Super H, M, and MTA, MD, 400, 450, 460, 504, 560, and (544 / 656 with spacer #861188). Cat. I/II requires purchase of two 3" x 8" Cylinder.

Weight: 260 Lbs. Ship by Truck Only


Price:  $159.00

     Optional bracket to allow use of swinging drawbar with HK-1106 and HK-11062

Weight: 43 Lbs.     Ships UPS (1 PKG.)

Spacer Kit

Price:  $159.00

     Spacer Kit for IHC 544 / 656 to allow use of HK-11062

Weight: 38 Lbs.     Ships UPS (1 PKG.)

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