Seeders and Spreaders

     3, 6 and 10 bushel capacity PTO driven seeder/spreaders, constructed with a steel hopper, is built for the farmer who requires a quality, economical broadcast seeder/spreader.

It handles grass seed, wheat, oats, and fertilizers producing a uniform spread pattern with three spread contols with choice spreads of: Left side only, Right side only, or Full 180° spread by simply moving a lever. An optional wheel agitator is available for lime and fertilizers to improve flow.


Price: $429.00

     3 bushel capacity seeder/spreader

Weight: 135 Lbs.


Price: $469.00

     6 bushel capacity seeder/spreader.

Weight: 140 Lbs.


Price: $519.00

     10 bushel capacity seeder/spreader.

Weight: 152 Lbs.


Price: $70.00

     Optional wheel-type lime agitator for above seeders/spreaders.

Weight: 3 Lbs.     Ships UPS. (1 PKG.)


ATV 1 Bushel Poly Hopper Seeder

Price: $389.00

ATV 12 Volt Electric Seeder / Spreader

Excellent for seeding pastures and wildlife food plots: spreads granular fertilizer and other granular materials. Low profile welded steel mount allows unit to fit most all ATV models and brands. Durable and maintenance free 1-bushel polyethylene hopper is translucent for easy material monitoring. Reliable 12-volt electric motor with variable speed control offers outstanding spread coverage. Flow control lever is within easy reach of the operator. Complete wiring package is included for easy hook-up.

Weight: 75 Lbs.     Ships UPS. (1 PKG.)

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